Tenkay Logo Rework

Logo Version 1—K Flip X

This is the most simple redesign which used the Tenkay K to make the X for the roman numeral 10,000.

Logo Version 1—Full

Logo Version 1—Mark

Logo Version 2—Stylised Roman Numeral 10,000

This is a stylised version of the alternative 10,000 roman numeral. I used the Tenkay font for 0 and T characters. 

This sort of resembles an on button and could be fun with marketing for things like—Tenkay Go, Level Up Your Fitness, Turn on your motivation with Tenkay etc. 

Logo Version 2—Full

Logo Version 2—Mark

Logo Version 4—Abstract

This Logo version is 10,000 in Morse code. I think it's cool because it's abstract, it kind of looks like an obstacle or steps.

Also marketing opportunity with the code/SOS aspect. "Break the code to getting fit", Get help with Tenkay to reach your fitness goals etc.

Logo Version 4—Full

Logo Version 4—Mark