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Craft Brews, Made for Mates

Two lovely Aussie bros started brewing up some of the best ciders and beers that the Ponderlust peeps have been lucky enough to wrap our lips around. 

We were brought in to put our two cents in on logotype, product design, brand development and social media strategy.

After careful deliberation with our client, our design team presents different potential style directions.

logotype Type B—CONTEMPORARY

The bold, unapologetic font catches the eye, while offering prime real estate on the can to have some fun with the names.

Ponderlust OB Contemporary B Logotype Beer ompany

logotype C—VINTAGE

This style screams “true blue Aussie brew” with a foot in the boutique brewer’s door.

Ponderlust OB Vintage Rev1 Mockup

The Dingo represents the nostalgic Aussie backdrop.
The badge logo offers a shout out to some old time favourite brews.

Retro 70s to current climate, this label is a design chameleon.

Logotype D—Illustrative

Fun and unexpected, this approach celebrates traditional Aussie colours & critters in a unique way. Indirectly for people that purchase strictly based on label art.

Artistic Rev1 Logotype

People love something truly different

This approach tells a visual story

While the design is unique, the components are rooted in traditional Aussie elements

Product Design

Based off of client feedback and further brainstorming, our team was able to lock down a design direction: bold and subtle Aussie elements partnered with crisp, clean styling.

OB Ginger Beer Icon orange
OB Wheat beer icon yellow background


OB our process brand story CanA
OB brand story design C
Outback brewing yellow original.jpg.pagespeed.ce.mkvLOoRteo
Outback Brewing flat Black Logo


An instant classic, The Tinny is the flagship pilsner brew for Outback Brewing Co. This label allows the Aussie-made craft beer to tell the story of what makes WA legendary.

Ponderlust OB Beer Can Design Pilsner WEB


OB Ginger custom icon ponderlust web

It’s not a party without a ginger! This label honours everything we love about trailing off the beaten path and into a world of noteworthy flavour.

Ponderlust OB Ginger Beer Can Design

Old no. 9


As crisp and refreshing as the product itself, this cider label celebrates the delicate flavour of WA apples. Old No. 9 Apple Cider is an outstanding brew that deserves a visually stimulating story!

Ponderlust OB Apple Cider Can Design

“What Ponderlust has done with our brand…I don’t think anyone could have worked wonders like you guys


Josie profile ponderlust

Josie: Strategic Storyteller

Jean profile ponderlust

Jean: Project Management, Assistant Design

Kelwin profile ponderlust

Kelwin: Digital Brand Design, Coined 'Made For Mates'

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