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Get a Google Ads Expert for Online Marketing That Makes  A Difference

Why Get An Adwords Management Company?

AdWords management is not a set and forget exercise. Budgets must be set, measured, while ads need to be adjusted according to performance and insights. At Ponderlust, we keep a close watch on the performance of your ads, why? Because we are AdWords Nerds 

Google AdWords is a fantastic way to generate inbound leads. It’s your 'pass go and collect $200', while you wait for your organic traffic to gain traction. It also acts as a great indication of how well your SEO investment will pay off in the long run. 

In digital advertising, there are many variables that contribute to a successful campaign. At Ponderlust we believe in dynamic digital marketing strategies that have multiple channels working together. It all starts with well-researched, granular keywords.


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The thing is, if this is set up on a whim, you can potentially lose a LOT of money, without much kickback. Something as simple as neglecting to set up negative keywords in your ad group, can mean that you have 23,000 impressions, 60 clicks, and only 1 conversion.

Don't waste time learning the Adwords matrix! Get a ppc management expert that can set you up for success, and help you with innovative strategies for your brand.

Track Conversions like a pro, and know where your money is going to the campaigns that are getting results!

Get a dynamic Adwords nerd that will tick all the boxes. Set up a remarketing audience, design kick-ass custom display campaigns, and ensure you don't throw money into the Google stratosphere.

We are not only PPC savvy, we are also SEO Consultants too! That means we have a handle on how to get your ads, ranked above the competition. 

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What's The Best thing about Adwords?

Trackable ROI. Your Ponderlust AdWords manager will set you up in Google Data Studio so you can see, in real time, how much money your investment is making you on any given day. Our astute AdWords experts will keep their eyes peeled for opportunity, while you watch the business roll in. 


7 day Adwords spend for our finance client

Industry= Finance

Cost = $300 AUD

Avg CPC = $5.17

Clicks - 58

Events /Conversions  = 8

Meetings booked = 4

Revenue Potential = $10,000

Ongoing ss prospects are still being contacted.

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Still wondering if AdWords management is right for your company? The answer is simple: YES! If you’re not in the Google game, then you’re missing out on opportunities that your competition is picking up.

We are happy to answer any questions or audit your existing campaigns for opportunities. Call us and talk to an Adwords management consultant today.