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What Is Web Optimisation?

Web optimisation is the most basic form of website promotion. The simple fact is that if you don't optimise, no one will be able to find you.

Time to perfect your online presence! Nothing is sexier than seeing your website on Google page one. How do you get there? Strategic website design, a sharp web developer, and an SEO consultant that knows how to attract inbound traffic! 

You want to look slick to your customers, while optimally positioned to be a Google bot’s best friend. Web design has evolved immensely, so it’s imperative that your website design is up to snuff with Google’s stealthiest algorithms. 

Many web designers don’t optimise, many SEO agencies, don’t develop. What you get either a beautiful website with no traffic, or a browser bounce rate that is never going to convert. At Ponderlust, we put our heads together to get you the best of both worlds.


Nood Co. Website

We increased Nood Co. web traffic by 30% in the first three months. Overall traffic—67.5 % increase boasting the biggest month of sales on record for month three.

Why Do You Need Website SEO?

Make more sales. Simple, but true. If no one knows your website exists then it’s worthless, no matter how much you paid for it. Now add ‘quality’ to the mix and you’re playing with the big kids. High quality traffic with an intuitive design.

Your customers will find you in a click.

The more traffic, the more traction. SEO coupled with engaging content creates a delicious digital presence that’s set for growth.


Our scope includes some pretty savvy web developers, fluent in digital brand presence. Pair that with our dynamic agency approach, backed with expertise from digital marketing professionals and word wizards. We’re diverse, yet specialised. 

We lead your brand presence with your website design, the first and most important, of many digital touch points. We design every detail to work seamless with all other touchpoints that it will interact with and support.

From simple and to the point builds, to complex members-only sites and ecommerce web development, we have the solution so you always look swish.

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